organic nipple cream, 100% edible & safe


a best friend sees you through blood, sweat and tears & that’s why { N I P  S T I C K } is your newest BFF: breastfeeding friend!

this nipple cream is made with 100% organic ingredients in a plant-based salve that helps relieve sore & cracked nipples associated with nursing. calendula aids with healing, marshmallow is root germ-fighting & inflammation-relieving.  shea butter conditions & promotes new cell growth while protecting your sensitive skin.

convenient & easy to use, this organic sore nipple treatment melts upon contact & comes in a convenient roll-up tube.

– made from 100% organic ingredients
-safe for baby to ingest
-essential breastfeeding care that’s fast-acting for immediate comfort
-does not need to be washed off prior to nursing

we promise to remain free of:

Paraben Free
Synthetic Fragrence Free
Propylene Glycol Free
Gluten Free
Free From Harsh Chemicals




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