How To Find A Doula To Rock Your Birth!

Quick Tips on how to find your perfect match!


How do I find a doula?

Interview several doulas. The interview process can seem daunting but by using a referral from a friend, a local doula collective or a site like you will be able to find a couple or more to make the task a little easier. Doulas come in many personalities so finding one that you relate to is very important. Remember, labor is a marathon and you will want someone supporting you that fits your criteria. Most doulas do not charge for an initial consult, so this process is of no risk to you.


What should my doula say?

Well, your doula should be able to easily explain to you what their fee is, supply you with referrals if needed and explain to you their style of helping your family through the labor, delivery and postpartum process. Your doula will likely include a visit or two in preparation for your birth, may labor at home with you before it is time to go to the hospital and even do a follow up visit post baby to make sure all is well.


What is the most important thing a doula can do for me?

The most important thing a doula can do for you is educate & empower you & your partner throughout the pregnancy, labor/postpartum process.


A good doula can:

  • help navigate insecurities 
  • find the right questions for you to ask your provider 
  • provide you with evidence-based information on pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding 
  • provide you with labor and postpartum planning 
  • recommend resources for any issues that may arise 
  • assist you in forging a healthy relationship with a very natural process.

Will I Rock My Birth?

YES! Therefore, with the right support there is no limitation on what you can do. It is rarely an easy road, which I suppose they call it ‘labor’. Your doula has your back! With that kind of strength, security, knowledge and positive energy behind you, there is no way that you will be able to imagine doing this job without them.