Mommin’ Ain’t Easy (The First Time Mom)

We have all seen the picture… You know the one, the one with the new mom wearing the white lace trim robe, hair curled, breastfeeding her placid newborn with the perfect latch. This is what most of us first timers think that the beginning will be like. I mean how hard could it be right? We have taken all the appropriate classes, talked to all the best moms, read all the best books and blogs. Yet, here we sit, newborn in hand, screaming at the top of their lungs, us in a cold sweat playing chicken as we try to correct the ‘bad latch’ that we had in the hospital. How did it come to this? Am I a bad mom? Can I not handle the pressure of a newborn?

The answer to your many panicked questions is, welcome to the club! I liken first time moms to deer that have been hit by a car and run into the woods seemingly unphased only to collapse just a few hundred yards from where they were hit… sound harsh? LOL well it is, but it is also true. You are exhausted, not just from labor but from the anticipation of your new arrival all because of the pesky “due date” and your baby didn’t arrive till 10 days later, or you had a long induction or an emergency C-section. You are sore, tired, sweaty and on the verge of tears, visitors in and out of the hospital and your home, but as you look into your baby’s eyes, you seem to find a place that reminds you that it is all ok. It will all be ok. You ARE enough, and you will take this new job and rock it! You have no worries in the world. Remember the only thing a baby really needs is their mom for food and warmth. Forget all the outside noise and do you! Take on only what you want to in the first weeks and spend the rest of that time bonding, sleeping and resting with your baby. I love to unwind with a cup of tea, a hot shower and anything that says “sleep” or “calm” on the bottle (I love to inhale bee maternal {organics} Calming Spritz to reset my limbic system and to take me down about 20 notches). These small moments can help you plug back into the real world and realize that none of this no biggie. You’ve got this ladies!

***Remember, if you are having darker feelings than these and you need help, call your Dr. or Licensed Therapist that specifically deal with postpartum depression. #noshameinthegame