Back to your “old” self

There is a way for you to feel back to your ‘old’ self post baby with these 3 essentials every new mom should have. A plan and a plan for your plan. You have planned out your birth. Now you need an immediate after care plan for both in the hospital and at home. Break it into 3 easy steps. 1. Family Plan: Recruit family members starting on day 1 out of the hospital to come and visit. They should bring and meal and have a set time for them to stay to help with light housekeeping, holding the baby and chatting. Make sure they know when it is time to go. This plan should continue for at least 2 weeks. If you don’t have enough family for support, ask your local church or mom group for assistance. It will make a WORLD of difference while you are learning how to manage your sleep deprivation and get your “sea legs”. 2. Physical Plan: If you are having a vaginal birth and breastfeeding you should make sure that you have the essentials you need to make your life easier at the hospital or birthing center. bee maternal organics peri spritz is a must! You can decrease the swelling and discomfort you will experience after pushing that not so little bundle of joy out. A nip stick and the breastfeeding deodorant can make your breasts and arm pits feel and smell like brand new when you are prepared. If you are planning or having a c-section make sure you have help both at the hospital and at home for your first few weeks as they can be physically draining. You WILL get back to yourself! Just exercise patience and REST while you are healing. 3. Emotional Plan: New mommin’ takes a lot of work and with all of the hormonal changes occurring it can be easy to experience the post baby blues. Have your bestie and hubby on call to help with these changes. Talk to your Dr. about continuing your vitamin regimen and any other medications or supplements you may want to continue post baby, and if you aren’t feeling like yourself you may need to see a postpartum specialist to help with anything more than the ‘baby blues’. Finally, make sure you take the time each day for self-care. A shower, some sustenance and a little bee maternal calming spritz can work wonders to lift your head up out of the post baby fog