How To REALLY Pack Your Hospital Bag

Picture this, it’s GO TIME! You have arrived at hospital & are ready to walk into labor & delivery. You need to squeeze your hubby’s hand, but he doesn’t have one free because he is dragging all the luggage into the hospital. Finally, you make it to L&D, just to find him trying to find spaces out of the way to hide your luggage while you feverishly wait for his attention.

We can make this better for you… The answer is simple… TWO BAGS.

So, I like all of my doula clients to pack a backpack with just the essentials for labor and delivery (Dad too). You will likely wear the traditional hospital gown or bring your own ensemble to labor in. Phone chargers, Birth Plan, Hydration, Snacks, flip-flops, small makeup bag (with lip balm, toothbrush, hair ties, brush etc.) calming spritz (or another scent besides ‘hospital’), gum (mints etc.), and a camera (if you’re a pro). Dad bag: Same (give or take a hair tie or two).

When you are finally moved to the Mother & Baby Unit (this may take several hours depending on your condition and the availability at the hospital) you can have dad go out to the car retrieve the other necessities for your stay at the four-star hospital resort. Personally, I would take advantage of their gown as the first few days & nights will not likely be mess free & only bring a clean outfit to leave in. Baby will likely be wearing a hospital onesie & blanket, so a layette or 2 for baby will be plenty. A nursing pillow & 2 regular pillows are a good idea for this stage as these facilities are always in short supply & quite frankly they are not that comfortable. Also, a little postpartum care kit for yourself will make you feel like a million bucks! (peri-spritz, nipple balm, breastfeeding deodorant etc.) In closing…Try not to over pack. It is not worth it.