How To Be The Dopest Dad In The Delivery Room

We talk so much about mom & how she can brilliantly thrive throughout the labor & delivery process, but how about dad? Here are some quick tips on how to impress even the most seasoned hospital staff, mama (and yourself).

  1. Remember your Boy Scout days and BE PREPARED… Small bag for both you and mom is all you should bring in first round (you can go back to the car post baby to grab the rest). Chargers, drinks, snacks (you will thank me), lip balm, hair tie, gum… should all be in your arsenal and easily at reach to step up to this challenge.
  2. Be ready to tell her how awesome she is doing. She needs the encouragement. You are the coach! Gather intelligence during her pregnancy and take notes of the things that make her feel better, you will use this information… trust me.
  3. Ask questions for her. If you don’t know what something is, then she likely does not either. Remember, this is a normal day for the staff, but not a normal day for you. This will help to calm both your fears and hers. Nurses and doctors are almost always happy to answer questions and make sure you introduce yourself and your partner to everyone that comes into the room. It will make your experience a lot more personal. You are the advocate for your partner & baby. This is a fantastic way to open the line of communication.
  4. Don’t ask her questions while she is laboring… this is important. Mom’s body is overwhelmed by the sensations of labor in every way. Instead present to her and then she can accept or deny this ‘gift’. For example; “Take a sip of water”… she likely will. If you ask her if she wants water you likely will be greeted with an “I don’t know” or a grunt.
  5. Be there. Here me out. Don’t sit on your phone. Listen to her. Hear her. Take care of her. Don’t be afraid to touch her and soothe her. This kind of contact helps to release endorphins that will help her make progress and ease her labor.

No job is too big for you super dad! So jump in and take the lead on one of the most incredible journeys of your life!