What’s it REALLY like ‘down there’ post push?

So, you have done it… you have pushed your baby out the ‘natural’ way. Now for the aftermath… will it be the same? Feel the same? Look the same? Will I ever laugh again without peeing?

Great news! It is all going to be ok. Your vagina is meant to do incredible things. First and foremost, it was built to stretch and then retract to its former glory. Remember to keep the surrounding muscle group strengthened though as you will need these muscles to help with your recovery.

  • Will my partner notice a difference? No. #morebabies #moreinlove #bettersex
  • Will I notice the difference? Maybe a little at first, but you will shape up. Remember healing takes time.
  • Will it look the same? Similar-ish… I bet you couldn’t pick it out in a line up.
  • Birth Trauma? If you experience a serious tear, like 3rd or 4th degree you will need stitches. You may also want to consult a specialist post baby if you don’t heal the way you would have like to.
  • To pee or not to pee? If you still find yourself pee-zing (sneezing and peeing) postpartum you may want to see a pelvic floor therapist. Most women should not pee when they jump, run, laugh or sneeze. This will be some of the best therapy you may ever get yourself! Don’t be afraid there are many natural solutions to your issue.