3rd Baby Here We Go!

Pregnancy #3, how I dealt with morning sickness.

28 weeks of pregnancy flies by quicker than you can imagine. Day 1: positive pregnancy test, bring on all of the happy tears. Fast forward a few weeks & say hello to a belly popping, somewhat nauseated joyous way of life.

Oh how we miss those bumps (mom of multiple kids here & we all know each baby bump is a different situation). Our 1st pregnancy seemed to drag on week by week. Oh, she’s the size of a cherry? Avocado? Sweet Potato? Interesting stuff. I had all of the latest pregnancy apps, searched high and low for the best stretch mark cream on the market (to this day, I could not live without stretch mark cream). I was the queen of healthy eating. Oh sushi, how you became meal target #1 after I gave birth & beer, I really missed that delicious brew.

Pregnancy #1 had us suffering from progesterone poisoning like no other. Yes, progesterone poisoning, that’s what we less than affectionately nicknamed, “morning sickness”. We refused to call it morning sickness when we felt like the gates of hell should just open up at any time 24/7. Gaining massive amounts of water weight from being that sick is so much fun… said no one ever. Solidarity sisters, we feel your misery and remember well unto this day.

It wasn’t until the start of our 3rd trimester we finally crawled out of our vomit induced stupor and found that each “death defying” episode of Olympic vomiting was induced by smells. Yes, smells. All-of-the-smells. One day, while I was out of the house my husband decided to “surprise” me with the nice smell a bowel busting burrito, you know the kind you get from 7-11? Ugh, I still gag a little from the thought.

Anyway, smells bothered me so badly I tried anything that would alleviate this constant rolling nausea of mine. I finally found that fresh citrus (peels of lemons or oranges) helped, spicy cinnamon oil was also strong enough to give me some relief. I was in love with this spritz from Bee Maternal Organics. It’s light and fresh and I kept it in my purse, desk, car & on my nightstand.

So fast forward to two years later. We are expecting baby #3 and my burrito bearing husband and I are much better prepared for this little progesterone poisoning nugget. I just whip out my little bottle, spritz myself (or the lady that smells like cats & cigarettes behind me) and inhale.

Baby showers are a beautiful time to buy cute outfits and useless bottle washers, but give them something that they will really use and could really need. You’ll be her favorite and that’s who gets to snuggle baby first when it’s time to pass them around.