Self-Care Benefits All

Want to make the best impact possible on your family? A great way to start is by taking care of numero uno… YOU! This is non-negotiable in my time spent with moms and moms-to-be. The importance of this is not to be overshadowed by things you think need to be done. Flippant errands, house keeping and 24/7 caretaking.

My mother-in-law stopped by my house one late morning to surprise me and ask us to go to the zoo. I was sitting on the couch nursing my daughter while my son was sitting in a pile of toys. Dishes undone, hair unkempt, not showered, still in my pjs and unfed. I was so mortified! I remember making 1000 excuses about the house, dishes, state of the children. She lovingly looked at me and said “the mess will be here when you get back, it will be here every day. What is more important is that you take care of yourself for a minute, spend quality time with your babies. You can pick up anytime.” I burst into tears and asked her if she would watch them for a few minutes so that I could shower. It was the best shower I had ever taken and the best advice I had received. I still live by the mantra, “Take care of yourself for a minute”.

From that moment on, I left the mess behind (I mean I got to it eventually during the day), but I didn’t worry about it. I took time every morning before I got the kids out of their cribs to take a quick shower and brush my teeth properly. I would feed the kids and then immediately feed myself (well, some mornings just fresh coffee… mmmmm coffee). The immediate result was that I felt better. Human, if you will. The long-lasting results, my children were more patient in waiting for me. I was able to spend more quality time with them. I didn’t make anymore excuses for the “state of the union” and I felt like myself again! Isn’t that who everyone wants to be with anyway? Me…not some unkempt, zombie version of me.

Ladies… do it… do it now… lay your baby down in their crib and take 10 minutes to get yourself together. It will be the best 10 minutes that you have ever spent. It will improve your quality of life drastically and make you a better version of yourself for everyone!