What Not To Wear… Maternity Edition

Your bump in growing and your body changing. You are no longer able to button up your favorite pair of jeans. What are you to do? Buy an extender? Extra long shirts? A million dollars on maternity clothes? I am here to help you solve these issues and many more to keep you from busting (pun intended) out of your clothing.

What you need that is maternity:

A good pair of leggings… Blanqi was a customer favorite of my clients. They are incredible…feel like you are wearing nothing… will survive the 12 months you need to wear them AND are NOT see through. I highly recommend the postpartum ones as well, but that is for a different blog. This is not an area to cheap out on. Insider Tip: If you sign up for their club, they have sales from time to time. Especially Black Friday!

A good bra… This is a MUST. It does not need to be a nursing bra, but I highly recommend finding a local store to go to and get measured. DO NOT take the tags off until you have given it a test drive at home to make sure it is comfortable.

A good pair of jeans…I la la la love Seraphine Maternity Over the Bump Denim. These are $99 and well worth every penny. Remember, you will be wearing these MANY days a week/end and post baby for a bit.

A beautiful dress. There are so many out there and if you are to make one purchase whether it be for the holidays or you will be creeping into the spring/ summer and for your shower you will need a great dress. I LOVE everything Ripe Maternity and Loyal Hana.

The rest is up to you! If you have stretch tops, can find a tank at Old Navy, want to stretch out your underpants…Go For It! Remember, when you look good, you feel good, so don’t skimp on what you need to continue to glow 9 months & beyond.