Bye Bye Baby Talk

So, baby is here, and life is now its new normal. What do you talk about when your partner arrives home? An update on the baby is great, but how about normalizing your language with the adults and finding other topics to talk about. Here are a few sure-fire ways to have GREAT grown up convos.

  1. Make a list of talking points throughout the day. I love this one and personally use it ALL of the time not just for the Hubby, but for friends and family as well. It takes just a total of a few minutes all day long. When you think of something, read something, or hear something interesting make a note in your phone and use it for “hot topics” to start non-child conversations at home.
  1. Remember, not everyone wants to talk baby talk with you. Try and keep it to a minute or two, then ask them about what is happening with them. Especially if you are stressed out, sometimes it is nice to listen to others talk about their world to take your mind off of yours.
  1. Talk about dream trips, fun events, and things you would like to try. Even as adults we need time to day dream. Use the time with your partner, friends, or family to talk about ‘bucket list’ items and how to make them a reality!

I know this may all seem silly, but you will thank me later for giving you a few tools to have varied conversation. Remember, it is not all about baby forever and one day you will be looking to have chats about other things than spit up, dirty diapers and toys. Plus, it makes you feel a little like your pre-baby self in the meantime. Ok, enough baby talk! Let me hear about YOUR day!