What new mums really need in their lives…

What new mums really need in their lives…

I’m not sure about anyone else but I can honestly say when I was pregnant I spent so much time reading, researching and watching YouTube videos to find out what I needed to make sure I had for when baby arrived. I do think I was fairly prepared but there are a lot of things on the majority of lists that I felt were pointless and a lot of things that were missed off! 

So my top recommendations for things I couldn’t live without….


No one ever tells you about the breastfeeding night sweats!!! I am not ashamed to say I woke up so many time in the early days drenched in sweat! I later found out this is normal and is because your amazing milk makers get warm which then makes you warm!! Having a nice smelling deodorant that lasts is a must to cover you through the nights.

Also, a daily shower is not guaranteed once your baby arrives so a good deodorant shower can help save the day and get you out the house! 

(Bee Maternal Organics recommends this deal on a twin pack to knock out odors https://beematernalorganics.com/product/deodorant-twin-pack/ , it’s aluminum free & will keep you smelling fresh for hours! )

Hair bobbles

So you know the luscious locks you developed during your pregnancy, your new baby will love to grab and pull them! And when you get to a certain point postpartum this starts to drop out leaving everything covered in your hair!!

I hate seeing my little boy with my long curly hair stuck between his fingers so I try my best to tie my hair up when I am having a cuddle or feeding him. I think I have a stash or bobbles or hair clips in every room to make sure I am never too far away from them!! 


No one ever told me I would be so hungry! You often hear about eating for two during pregnancy but I never heard about postpregnancy hunger.

This might be a breastfeeding thing, but I can’t stop eating!! I would recommend having plenty of snacks to keep you going through the night feeds.


No matter how you are feeding your baby they will be sick every once in a while and they will dribble all over! So having multiple muslins in each room that are easy to grab is a must! 


Now this one is not something you can buy and not all of us are lucky enough to have this support at home! So if you can get yourself to a mum and baby club I would fully recommend it! Get talking to as many other mums who are going through the same as you! These ladies are invaluable and will help you cope with anything you are facing with your little one! 

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