Time-Saving Tips When Selling Your House

Time-Saving Tips When Selling Your House

As a busy parent, your life is already full of time-consuming responsibilities and obligations. Add in preparing your home to sell, and you are likely overwhelmed at just the thought of it. While getting your house ready to put on the market takes some time and effort, there are ways to cut down on the time it takes to prepare. Let’s tackle some time-saving tips to get you ready.

Enlist the Whole Family

When prepping your house, the first step is always to declutter your home. All by yourself, this could take a long time and feel like a wasted effort as your family continues to make messes. Instead, this is a great opportunity to enlist the whole family. Children of all ages can help make decisions about what things to get rid of, and this can be a great opportunity to teach your children how to declutter and purge. Grab some bins (you can find cheap options for around $10 at Walmart) to label keep, trash, donate, and sell. Going room by room, take every item and decide which bin it will go on. You can make it a fun game by seeing who can donate most, or you can even offer a reward at the end for a job well done. Decluttering will go faster with the whole family on board, which will ultimately save you some precious time.

Hire a Cleaner

After your home is decluttered, the next step is a deep cleaning of the entire house. It can take several days to thoroughly clean your home, as every nook and cranny must be wiped down. You need to clean every surface, inside every drawer, wipe out all the kitchen appliances, and dust inside every cabinet. This is a task that you may want to consider hiring a professional to tackle if you’re short on time. Thankfully most cleaning services are affordable, making this a no brainer. You may also want to consider scheduling them to come back weekly or biweekly to maintain your house while it is on the market. A clean house is essential when prospective buyers are being shown around your home.

Stage What Matters

While a clean home is crucial when showing your house, you also benefit from properly staging your house to highlight its best features. Drop in on a few open houses in the neighborhood to learn how other sellers are staging their homes. Staging your home can be a time-consuming process, so instead of worrying about the entire home, focus on only the spaces that matter most. According to Lifehack, the most important rooms to stage are the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and dining room. Remove all knick-knacks and family photos from each space. Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, so it’s important to keep simple and neutral décor. Repaint your burgundy dining room walls and choose a neutral tone. Proper staging of your home goes a long way towards selling it quickly and for more money. 

Consider Moving Out While Selling

One of the biggest challenges while selling your home is maintaining its showroom-ready state. Children naturally make a bit more mess, the kitchen is going to be used, and everyone has to go to the bathroom. If you have the ability, it may be worth considering moving out while you have your home on the market. Maybe you already bought your next home and can start moving in while your existing home is trying to sell. Or, maybe there is a relative you can crash with for the time being. If it’s in your budget, you could even sign a short-term lease with an apartment. Last-minute showings are difficult and stressful, especially as a busy parent.

Even if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands, with these helpful tips, you should be able to get your home ready to sell in no time!

Photo Credit: Pexels