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As the Queens of their own hives, Lindsay & Lou Ann have a passion for organic, natural & effective skincare. Finding something specifically formulated for their changing bodies was mission impossible. So, taking their skills as medical professional & doula/maternity maven, L & L merged to create bee maternal organics.

They are committed to providing you with the highest quality, organic skincare specifically created for women’s pregnancy & post-baby bodies. L & L’s in depth knowledge of this beautiful phase of your life
shows in the carefully formulated skincare solutions for 9 months & beyond.

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Lindsay’s love of science started when she became a medical professional. Her fascination with the anatomy & physiology of the human body peaked her interest in creating skincare with a purpose. Being blessed with a child with special needs drove her focus to creating organic, natural & clean products for her whole family to use. They are her inspiration every day when formulating the line for bee maternal organics.

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Lindsay - Bee Maternal
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Lou Ann has an impressive resume. She lived in NYC for nearly a decade working in the fashion & pharmaceutical industries. She’s a woman who has lived & breathed a creative, fashion forward mindset. After moving back to her hometown, Lou Ann spent time working in Western New York as a Midwife Assistant & Doula, but most important to the success of bee. maternal organics is her own experience as a mom. Lou Ann & her husband John have two children, John & Sophie.

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