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How to Labor Naturally

You want that unmediated birth. You are gunning for it. You have heard all of the stories about how your girlfriends caved… how they would never have another baby without the epidural, but you want to climb Everest anyway. Here is some sage advice for the climb.   Get Your Head in the Game. First […]

How To REALLY Pack Your Hospital Bag

Picture this, it’s GO TIME! You have arrived at hospital & are ready to walk into labor & delivery. You need to squeeze your hubby’s hand, but he doesn’t have one free because he is dragging all the luggage into the hospital. Finally, you make it to L&D, just to find him trying to find […]

The Juice Is Loose – Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Juice for pregnancy

How much fluid should a pregnant women take in during the day?  If you said, “64oz” you’re wrong (don’t worry, I was too).  The institute of Medicine recommends pregnant women drink 10 8oz cups of water a day.  Sure, we can just strap a port-a-potty to us while we are at it, right? Drinking plain-ole […]