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The Imperfect Mom

When I first became a stay at home mom, I really struggled to figure out how to structure my day. I had gone from working a full-time job where I woke up at 6:30, got dressed, went to work, had lunch at noon and left work at 4 o’clock. Now, I was waking up at […]

Bringing Home Baby On An Itty-Bitty Budget

Bringing Home Baby On An Itty-Bitty Budget Babies are expensive, and that’s something we can’t stress enough. Between diapers, wipes, and copays, your child’s first year can set you back a pretty penny, and that the ugly truth. However, when you’re bump says “baby” but your budget says “bare,” you’ll need to start your planning […]

Back to your “old” self

There is a way for you to feel back to your ‘old’ self post baby with these 3 essentials every new mom should have. A plan and a plan for your plan. You have planned out your birth. Now you need an immediate after care plan for both in the hospital and at home. Break […]